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Double Hung windows have top and bottom sash glides which move upward or downward, and tilt for easy access cleaning! The classic arrangement has three panes across by two up on each of two sashes, giving a “six over six” panel window, although this is by no means a fixed rule! These windows will satisfy ventilation needs for any space. Both sashes slide up and down as well as tilt inwards to allow fresh air circulation into the house, yet can close securely for thermal efficiency during the coldest days.

Double Hung Window Weather Stripping:

Our co-extruded bulb seal will ensure security! Cut to precise measurements in order to eliminate room for gaps/air penetration between sash and frame. Ultimately providing you with a high energy, and  efficient window by Window Seal.

Double Hung Window Hardware:

Is an essential component to a window. Truth Hardware systems have been designed for style, performance and durability to match our commitment to our finished products.

Double Hung Window Multi-Point locking system:

Our tight window seal is design for security and energy efficiency, our Multi-Point locking system is our standard for excellence!

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High quality windows are available in Hybrid, Aluminum & PVC 100% delivery guaranteed. See for yourself, get on board now.


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